Endings Guide

Hello Everyone! I received a request for a walk through and wanted to post it to the main page. There are a lot of small conversational decisions that affect the tone and conversations with the characters, that would result in a flow chart that should never see the light of day! But what I can say, without spoilers, is that the endings are affected by who your Solstice Date is enemies with, and what your relationship with that character is. Here is a guide on how to unlock all the endings. I hope this helps, and thank you so much to everyone for the support!

Endings 1-5

Logan's Endings (End 1-5)

Endings 5-8

Beck's Endings (End 5-8)

Endings 9-12

Taylor's Endings (End 9-12)

Endings 13-16

Morgan's Endings (End 13-16)

Endings 17-21

Aspen's Endings (End 17-21)

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